The Puttymoon main page

So what can you find here?

At first - how to maintain this site?
   You really should READ IT, dude!!!
The story
   What is this all about?
The Hero
   Putty, Putty: who or what is it?
The aim of the game
   What shall I do there?
The game menu
   What does it try to tell me?
Guide to the levels,
    stages and enemies
Bonus items
Score and awards
   Symbology in Hall of fame
The game package
   The photos of the boxes
Who are the authors of the game?
What else could I learn?
   Also called "trivia"
   with the Putty coder
Useful links
Level maps summary
   Contains also Silly putty extra map
   and preview map
Other game versions
Putty Squad
   Sequel to Putty games
Puttymoon memories
   or so called Guestbook
The Diary
   Updates on Puttymoon
   Few gifts for you
Puttymoon team
   And finally - WHO the HELL
   is responsible for this silly web?