How to not get lost on Puttymoon...

This website is a tribute to the wonderful Amiga game 'Putty' by System 3, that has been released long time ago, in the golden age of the home computers. Its origin is in the year of 1992.

This site uses frames. Yes guys, thats it. Maybe, you are asking yourselves, WHY at 21st century there is a new website that uses this prehistoric technology?

The reasons are two:

The first is, that we like it.

And the second reason, that the main coder (me) is frozen like the bot in the old website designing and is lazy to learn new available technologies.

So now, when you understand this, few words about the site construction:

We tried various methods to let the Puttymoon be as ergonomic as possible while we wanted to don't do it similar to millions of other pages. So our compromise is, that we deicided to make the site maintenance available through the upper menu. Each part of the maintenance bar has its own function, so the most navigation through the site is by clicking there. Meaning of the symbols you find described here, but it is easy to familiarise.

From unknown reason the Internet Explorer refuses to change the mouse pointer, although you move it over the live link in the menu, but believe us, it normally works. So try it.