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Our Hero and the game controls

Use the training level at the beginning of the game to become familiar with Putty's moves.

Getting around the screen

Walk left or right carefully around the screen
Joystick: push left or right
Keyboard: press O or P

Stretch putty across gaps, both horizontally and vertically
Joystick: press fire and push in desired direction
Keyboard: press space bar and O or P

Jump around the platforms. Putty's direction can be altered during the bouncing.
Joystick: push up then left or right to change the direction
Keyboard: press Q the O or P to change direction

Special moves

Become a puddle. Putty cannot be damaged when he is melted. See also absorb and Mould moves.
Joystick: pull down, to un-melt push up.
Keyboard: press A, to un-melt press Q

Inflate / Explode
Putty can inflate to four time normal size and act as a cushion to catch falling friends. Inflating more will cause Putty to explode.
Joystick: press fire and waggle joystick up and down
Keyboard: press space bar then Q and A repeatedly

Putty makes fist and can punch enemies
Joystick: press fire button and tap joystick either left or right
Keyboard: press space bar then O or P

Absorb objects and characters into putty that he is near to or under, when putty has become a puddle the character or object will dissapear into it and the Putty will automatically un-melt.
Joystick: pull down
Keyboard: press A

Transform Putty into another character
Joystick: pull down and press fire repeatedly
Keyboard: press A then space bar repeatedly

Make Coffee
Stop a Bot from moving for thirty seconds
Joystick: pull down and keep the fire button pressed for a short time
Keyboard: press A then keep the space bar pressed for a short time
Playing tips

There are some basic guidelines to how Putty deals with certain enemies and hints to make Putty's mission more succesfull.

Absorb everything you can to keep Putty's pliability.

Putty cannot absorb anything mechanical

Everything mechanical is lethal to Putty

When Putty melts he cannot be damaged - enemies can walk over him, drop things on him etc.

Any enemy bigger than Putty can only be punched.

Some enemies cannot be destroyed and will drop missiles at Putty, avoid these.

Putty can sometimes get shooting enemies to kill each other, try bouncing Putty between them at the right time.

Going after the big enemies, though dangerous, can produce big rewards when succesfully destroyed.

If you have to release Bots from within Putty before reaching a place of safety, try doing it on a platform that is not usually inhabited by enemies.

Some enemies, when punched, will release a baby. Absorbing these gives Putty a bonus. Squashing or absorbing those same enemies will not release a baby.

Keep your eyes open for random objects falling from the sky, these will help to keeep Putty's pliability up.

The aim of the game you can read here.