The story...

In a galaxy not too distant from here, there is a planet called Zid. Orbiting around this planet is a small moon called Putty Moon, which is home to the Putties, and their flexible friends.

Putty Moon is a peaceful and cerefreeplace, where a putty could just ooze away the days or hang from the ceiling and drip. That is, until one dark day when a sinister space ship appeared in the sky. On board was the evil wizzard Dazzledaze and his thotoughly obnoxious sidekick, Dweezil the cat. Life on Putty Moon would never be the same again.

No sooner had the ship shape filled the sky than Dazzledaze and Dweezil's sinister plan began unfold. The two evil-doers were going to capture all the little chewy and totally non-crunchy Putties, foil wrap them and ship them off to Earth as super gum (the one that blows the biggest bubbles and shrieks when it bursts).

Watching on in terror, Billy Putty, aspiring local hero, desperately searched for the courage to help his friends. Boldly stepping out from his place of safety, he is surprised when he confronted by a screaming baby, where had it come from? In between sobs, cries, whimpers and attempts to eat Billy the baby tells him that Dazzledaze has been kidnaping naughty babies from Earth and turning them into horrid and grotesque creatures.

Billy could wait no longer, he must spring into action (or at least bounce) and bring down this evil tyrant that has consigned his family, friends and fellow putties to a fate far worse than death. Well, how would like to be in someone's mouth, chewed bitten, squashed and pumped up with air till your head burst?

But Billy's quest might not be a solo one, for one day he saw several flying saucers arrive from the planet Zid. The Bots, mechanical inhabitants of Zid, were friendly to the Putties and were sure to help him. Dazzledaze also noticed the arrival of the Bots and fearing they would interfere with his wicked work he set a trap for the them.

As the Bots began to explore Putty Moon, Dweezil lay in wait for them. When they drew close he froze them to the spot then set them in blocks of ice. Dweezil was unable to freeze all the Bots so Dazzledaze set some of his most evil and horrid creatures to harass and control them.