Other versions

At first, there are putty twins on Amiga - two nearly identical games, one si called Silly Putty and one is called Putty. Both from the same authors. The reason of the name change is more complicated and is described in the other pages of this website, but Putty is not only the renamed Silly Putty: there are a LOT of differences!

- The title screen has the different sign Putty and Silly Putty, respectively.
- The first stage has different background and platforms layout. There is also the door missing in Silly Putty, which doesn't allow player to skip the stage.
- Some enemies and obstacles are placed in different positions
- Lightbulbs are killed only temporarily in Silly Putty
- Babies last for shorter time before explode in Putty
- There is only one demo level in Silly Putty, Putty contains two demos
- Silly Putty has no outro, only one picture.
- Although there are two Bob's Milk Bars in both version, they are placed in different moments of the game
- There are tons of bugs in Silly Putty, some are really annoying (for example food, that kills you)

Then there is a version for Amiga CD32, called Super Putty. Basically, it is the Putty, but only adjusted for controls via the CD32 joypad.

Also, the game was released for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super NES) console under the name Super Putty. It reminds more Silly Putty than Putty, but differs from Amiga games a lot.

- the graphics is adjusted, levels are narrower
- the whole game is faster
- Bots have not 4 hitpoints, their energy is unlimited, when carried inside the putty
- the pliability is not refreshed by absorbed enemies. It only can be raised by food.
- there is two players option, they play in sequence
- you can choose the starting level up to Techno fear
- when you loose a life, the In/Out counter is resetted, so you play the stage from its beginning. Also bonuses are resetted.
- lightbulbs reappear in a short time, they are killed only temporarily, like in Silly Putty
- there are no Spaced invaders, there is something like frozen wizzard's head instead.
- the music plays in each stage
- there is Bob's Milk bar after EACH stage
- there are pictures between levels
- there is an animation of "Blobs" music band in credits
- every brand logos (like Coca-cola's red-white wave, the Red cross, Commodore logo) were replaced with "harmless" tiles