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There is the cheat code in the game, that works with original versions. On the high score screen after the game is over (you don't need a high score), type "HEADLIKEAHOLE" and press the 'ENTER' key on the keypad. Use 'F1-F10' to skip levels. This also gives you infinite lives. Hold 'SHIFT' or 'CTRL' and press the function keys to access the other levels. Note: this cheat doesn't work with WHDload installer.

The name of the main character is not Putty. Putty is the name of the whole race. Our hero's name is Billy Putty.

One of the enemies in Putty moon is Biggles the wasp. As you can see, it is the fast wasp, wearing the old-school WW1 pilot hat and is dropping the bombs on Billy. The name Biggles comes from the once famous book series about the Royal Air Force pilot.

There is also the enemy called 'Dynamite Dan', in Oriental rooms level. The name comes from old 8bits game Dynamite Dan and its origin is probably in the movie with Boris Karloff from 1924.

In the Toy town there is the boss called 'Bugsy', with a HUGE big gun. It reminds the once famous american mafia leader.

The official name of the game is Putty, but the game is also known as 'Silly Putty'. This was the work name of System 3's preview and earliest release, and later was changed to simplier Putty. You can see the word 'Silly' in the preview intro screen and in its upper panel and then - in the official Putty release - files in the disks still remained named "sillyputty00", "sillyputty01" etc.

The small (Silly Putty and first Putty) manual is different to later ones. Is very simple, without any illustrations and tells about the planet Putty moon (instead of later moon, orbiting the planet Zid), on the other hand it doesn't mention the name Billy Putty, it tells only about "the most powerful Putty warrior, send by the Elders". There are many other differencies. For example, there is nothing about babies, about game levels and enemies (while they are fully described in later manuals) and also the main character's movements are described by another way (slither instead of walking etc.). The whole manual has only 6 text pages and is only in English. Graphical manuals are multilingual.

There was a sequel planed to be introduced for Amiga, called "Putty Squad". The game is one of the biggest Amiga gaming mysteries. A great 8 levels preview was released, and few times in various game magazines the news appeared that the production date is coming soon. The complete game was ready for production, but was never released, though. Probably, System 3 left the sinking Amiga market after the fall of Commodore so the release was canned. But finally the complete Putty Squad was relased for Super NES! Is believed, that the complete game code still exists somewhere and few people are searching for the original code.
EDIT (after 6 years): Putty Squad for Amiga WAS finally released! Details here.

The Terminator carrot shouts "Uzi 9 centimetres!". The Scouse sausage says "Come on then, I'll have you now, eh!"

There is more than 60 various kind of enemies in the game (it depends on the point of view - who is enemy, who is neutral, who can be classified only as a projectile and what is only an obstacle)!

All the graphics was put together in Deluxe Paint III on Amiga, the code was written on PC 286, though.
A lot of creatures were changed or replaced since the first preview. Originally, there
were for example cats and orange birds, which were not used later. Also this guy...

System 3 declared that they wanted the main character become the mascot of Amiga, similarly to Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega, or Mario for Nintendo. Commodore tried to help this idea and placed the Putty game to the bundle Amiga 600 pack called The Wild, the Weird and the Wicked. There was also Dazzledaze pictured on the computer's box. Finally Putty didn't become the mascot because of lack of charm (when it is not moving, it really doesn't have enough charm) and the non-official Amiga mascot became the main character from the game Zool.

Billy Putty became a king of the Putty moon after his quest. He has a wife and two children. One baby is blue as its father, one is red as a Billy's wife. This all you can see in the game outro.

The game intro screen is in the style of old Warner Bros' "Looney Toons" cartoons.

The game outro can't be aborted or left, so after the game is completed it is impossible to write or even check your hi-score. A little stupid.

The Bots are powered by AA Duracell batteries, as shown in outro. At the same animation there are other funny facts: Inside of Bots there is the 'Smiledyne systems' OS based upon Telefunken hardware, while Telefunken is the giant german electronics manufacturer. You can also read, that Dazzledaze's weight is 2 Tonnes, has a white hair and had never sex. And you will learn another funny directives from Bots' OS as well.

Mysteria and weird stuff

Big yellow goblin

One of the biggest mysteries - Big yellow goblin, being deflated. It is written in manual that it is possible, and the sprites for deflating are present in the game, but how to do it?

Palm in the sand

One of the unused tiles in the game. It is in the tileset, but authors of the levels deicided not to use it. There are more of these tiles.
The spray cans

These cans are among the sprites for levels 2 and 6. But they are nowhere in the game. Or are they?

The crippled Gut bucket
Is this or isn't it the Gut bucket? The weird sprite, found among level 2 sprites...