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By using the wide range of Putty's movements and special functions, you must collect Bots (robots) that are scattered around all the levels and get them to places of safety. There is a limited time which to get the Bots to safety se keep your eye on the timer. When you sucessfully get a Bot to safety you receive a time bonus.

At the top of the screen there is an indicator to show how many Bots are 'out' and that have to be collected and taken to a place of safety. There is one safe place in every stage where you must deposit the Bots. When this is done correctly, the indicator will show the number of Bots you have 'in'.

In the early levels of the game the Bots are frozen into blocks of ice. Before you can collect them you must punch the blocks to free them. Once free, the Bots will remain close by to where you found them.

In later levels, Bots move around looking for places of safety trying to avoid all the creatures that would destroy them. This makes your task harder in trying to collect Bots as they wander off a platform in their desperate search for safety or blunder into a Bot-hungry enemy.

To collect a Bot, you must position putty close to it and melt down into a puddle. This will automatically absorb the Bot and allow you to carry him to safety. When you are in the correct position to release the Bot you melt again and the Bot will be released.

Carrying a Bot can be quite a burden to Putty and you will discover there are some things you cannot do. If there are a lot of enemies around it is wise to release the Bot, doing a melt will do this automatically, and then take care of the enemies around you. Also, if you want to give a Bot a coffee break - to stop him wnadering off - you cannot be carrying another Bot inside you.

In your mission you will encounter many different kinds of enemies and hazards. Some can be easily destroyed by either squashing them (jumping on them), punching them (some turn into something else) and absorbing them.

To overcome some problems, Putty will have to change his whole character. This unique skill of moulding - transforming into another character - can only be done with certain characters in the game. If you have come up against a hazard you cannot solve then spend a little time in seeing if you can mould into any other characters nearby. Once transformed, Putty takes on the attributes of the character it has moulded into, use these new skills to overcome problems.

For punching the iceblocks you will get 1000 pts. Another 1000 pts is yours after the Bot is carried to safety. Other tricks are in the main character section.