Guide to the levels

In the game you can meet three types of entities: friendly, neutral and unfriendly. Friendly ones are only the Bots, but although they are positive tempered, they will not help the main hero to complete his task much.

The nasty creatures that are at least dangerous to putties, or more often - they try to kill 'em. We divided these creatures by the levels you can meet them. The list contains advices how to beat them. Score for each action it displayed in yellow

Level 1: Putty Moon

Putty Moon is the easy world, that includes the training level as well. There are few dangerous entities, though!
Level 2: Dazzledaze Villas

Getting harder. The first meeting with Dazzledaze himself. And some really annoying inhabitants.
Level 3: Technofear

The space world, that makes Bots become crazy. Many insane psychopats live here, so be careful!
Level 4: Oriental rooms

Meditations? Forget it! You will need a lot of skills to avoid rocketeers and other evil guys.
Level 5: Toytown

How cute can the toys be? The evil wizzard called a tiny army to arms. Engage the rough world of the worst childrens' nightmare!
Level 6: Twilight zone
Everything is wrong and everybody is against you! Dweezil himself joins the combat, but you must proceed to the Dazzledale's castle and prepare for the last fight.