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Game bonus items

There are 2 kinds of bonuses in the game: the food items, that refill the energy, and the magic items with various effects. Bellow you will find their list.


These all are suitable for eating and increase Putty's pliability. Together with the energy injection you will also get 50 points.

Magic ones
False teeth. As manual says: "These will help you overcome some very large enemies". Usage is simple - just absorb the false teeth (they will appear in the indicator bar above) and then you are able to absorb some previously unabsorbable enemies, like Bosses, four times.
Pocket watch. Gives you 30 seconds advantage to save the Bots.
Uncle Ted. In the game manual, there is written: "Appears from nowhere and gives you a time advantage while he entertains the enemies on the screen". We would like to add, that this is one of the funniest ideas of the game. Uncle Ted appears with his DJ's mixage table and starts to play the horrible tune. Some enemies on the screen stop their activity and start to dance. This lasts for 30 seconds and gives you a better chance to escape and / or beat these enemies. The remaining time of Uncle Ted's production is displayed in the 'Magic' indicator.
Instant Up. Gets Putty up to the top of the stage.
Instant Down. Gets Putty down to the bottom of the stage.
Dweezil power. Gives Putty 30 seconds invulnerability. The remaining time is indicated in the 'Magic' bar.
Bubble gum. Allows Putty to inflate and explode four times. See the main character section for more.
Trashcan. Lets Putty to carry four bots to the safety at the same time.
These bonuses are described in manual. But there are also another ones in the game! See this:

Pocket elevator. Is hidden in the stage and when you discover it, you are then able to unload carried Bots into it instead of the distant main elevator.
These give you 1.000, 5.000 or 10.000 extra point respectively. Are hidden in many places.

So these are the bonus items you can find in the game. Maybe you could now ask 'where' to find them. Yes, that is the question. They are hidden in various places in the landscape and fall out as you jump over the specific locations. We tried to describe all these places in the guide to the levels.