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There is the information bar in the upper part of the screen and it indicates you a lot of important things. Now we try to help you to understand them.

The first rectangle from the left is the one, that tells you what you absorbed and how much time for the magic remains. What does it mean: If you absorb something important (a Bot, a magic item or a magic creature), it is indicated in this rectangle. If you absorb a Bot, that is in good condition, he has typically 4 hitpoints. So it means that in this field you will see a portrait of the bot and the number 4. As you are shot by the enemies or hurt by the obstatcles, your own energy (called Pliability) decreases as well as the Bot's hitpoints. When those hitpoints reach zero, the Bot is dead an its corpse falls off your body.

Together with bots you can find and absorb another interesting things, that are indicated in this field: false teeth and a trashcan, and also the magic creatures, like white bunny, skokapillar, which are harmless, and magic enemies Clokwork orange, firework Imp and the Black hole. All these absorbed and carried are indicated with the magic icon (see left). Usage of these magic artifacts is described here.

The final indicator of the first field is the Magic itself. It is used, when you collect any of the following Magic items: Uncle Ted's disco session or Dweezil's power. They both are affecting for 30 seconds, while the red 'Magic' bar constantly decreases. As it dissapears, magic items won't work more.

In Puttymoon website we use this part for navigation, so click to the false teeth will bring you to the main page.
Pliability is simply your energy. Is decreased by your enemies and obstacles, and slowly decreases with time as well. Can be refilled by absorbing some baddies or bonus food items.

In Puttymoon website clicking this square will teleport you to the bonuses section.
This indicator simply shows the number of your lives remaining. You will get extra life for every 50.000 points. Clicking this in our website will send you to the levels guide.
Playing the Putty is the race against the time. You have limited time to rescue each Bot. As you carry him to the safety, time counter is resetted. You can get extra 30 seconds by collecting the Clock item. In Puttymoon you will get to website authors page through this.
There is written how many bots are In and how many Out, aka how many you already rescued and how many you need to bring to safety yet. Our website provides you the possibility to leave feedback in our guestbook by clicking this area.
Score is simply score and the small number above indicates the number of your credits (continues). In our website we use this box for the visitors counter.