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Level 3

Stages of the 3rd level

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Pig on Space Hopper. This is the boss of Technofear. A punch will move him on but try to give him a shock on the electrified platform (2000 pts after the completing of the stage). Also can be eaten with false teeth (200 pts and another 2000 pts after the completing ot the stage).

Space gun. Is very dangerous and you will need to inflate to get rid off it (100 pts for each killed enemy during inflate).

Mr. Magic. Avoid his spells and try to punch (200 pts) or squash (50 pts) him. His spells will turn the Bots to rabbits, so protect them from this black magic!

Duck-in-a-box. Rides the roadroller and will try to use it to squash you. The best tactics is to become a puddle, let him go over you and then punch his back as he slowly returns (200 pts).

Red Shiny Gut Buckets. Eat white rabbits and are very poisonous to Putty. Mould into a rabbit and get to Gut Bucket to home in on you (500 pts after the stage is complete).

Loopy light bulbs. Together with the Gut buckets are the Technofear bonus guys. Are very dangerous and need to charged with negatve electricity to be destroyed (500 pts after the stage is complete).

Spaced invaders. Only came out to play when the little joystick are touched, they are indestructable and very dangerous. Note: they will appear only if they joystick is touched while the invaders game plays in the monitor.

Ghost. Takes possession of Bots and turns them into demons. The ghost will explode on contact with you and the demon Bots will explode after one minute unless absorbed.

Bot in a saucer. Bots, that arrive from the planet Zid, probably want to help, but unfortunatelly, their attepmts are dangerous. Their saucers make damage to putties, so you only can avoid them, or punch them (200 pts).


These creatures just live in the game world and they have no effect to the Putties. They often are eaten by the other creatures, but can be used by the Hero against his enemies as well!:

Skokapillars. These insects live in the Technofear world and are electrical. They don't hurt putties, but can be used againts the lightbulbs. They carry a negative electrical charge and can be used to defuse an electrical platform. Just absorb the skokapillar (50 pts), mould to it UNDER the platform where evil lightbulbs are jumping and it automatically will crawl up and charge the platform with negative energy. This will permanently kill all the lightbulbs on platform (500 pts each).

How to mould into another entity you will find described in the main character section.

Bunnies. These animals are relatively stupid and are totally harmless. They only sit in one place and wait for incoming death - they are the favourite food of Gut buckets. But these animals can be also used AGAINST Gut buckets!

Absorb the Bunny (50 pts) and mould into it at the platform, where Gut buckets live. They will find you quickly and will try to eat you. It is their last foul then! (500 pts)


Technofear level is full of enemies and various obstacles as well. It is very unfriendly environment.

Electric beam. Electiric beams are very strong charges and so are very dangerous. The contact will cost putty a lot of energy and can even kill him! They are used to prevent anybody from passing some platform gaps, where lifts are vertically moving. The only way to pass the elecric beam is to wait until the short time, when beam is being recharded and jump through, or to become a puddle on the moving platform and go through the active beam. Electric beams can't be disabled.

Electric ground. The same as in previous levels. Hurts putties. Avoid it.

Soft ground. Platforms made of this material reduces the speed of putty's movement as well as his ability to jump.

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