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Techno fear: Stage 3 - 4

The last stage of Technofear is really, really tough. The first thing you should do is to absorb the shockapillar. Although it seems to be clear that you now should terminate the lightbulbs above you, it is optonal as they are not important. Also the pigs on spacehoppers are not much important for completing of this stage. The false teeth you can see up left from your starting position are relative difficult to reach and it would cost you a lot of time and pliability. So we recommend not to waste the time with these lightbulbs and pigs, and go directly up right to the moving platform and jump right from it just bellow the electro beam. It is safer to wait here until it deactivates than to pass it on the moving platform. Once you passed the beam, go left to the yellow-green stripped column and mould into the shockapillar to kill the lightbulb above. In the small Earth left from you there is Uncle Ted bonus hidden, so you can use it if you need, but you can not kill the lightbulb until it dances. Also remember that Uncle Ted has not any influence to Mr. Magics. Now jump up to the platform where you previously killed the lightbulb and jump up. There is the pocket elevator hidden in the galaxy, it should make your way easier. Before you continue up, it is a good idea to return down for ANOTHER shockapillar, it will be useful. If you have it, you now has to go through the most dangerous part of this stage. So punch the Mr. Magic on the right, avoid the spells of Mr. Magic on the left and climb up. There is 3rd Mr. Magic and jumping Gut bucket. Mr. Magics are most annoying enemies in this stage, so be very careful. You have to avoid the Gut bucket, punch Mr. Magic and when you stay just in front of the support column, mould into the shockapillar. It will kill the lightbulbs on the upper floor and help you a little with your task. Now you have to try to complete the level. We have no general advice, but we can give you few hints:

1. Do not try to pass the electric ground quickly. Be patient, or you will be killed.

2. Use the previously released pocket elevator, it will shorten your way into one-half.

3. The gut bucket can be killed: you must bring the bot to the platform, where the gutbucket lives and let Mr. Magic to turn the bot into the white rabbit. The following step is standart, but you have to be very fast and it will need a perfect timing.

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