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Techno fear: Stage 3 - 2

The pure action. At first you need to deal with Pig. Keep punching him until he touch the electric ground. That's it! Now absorb the Shockapillar and mould into it. This will finish the first lightbulb. Dont't eat the hamburger yet, it could be useful later. Go up and continue fighting lightbulbs using the Schokapillars untill all of them are dead. Don't waste the time with Gut bucket, it really is not needed. But pay your attention to the poster of the Space Kid on the wall. What does it want to say you? Yes, there is the Trashcan hidden inside of it! Hooray! Collect it and proceed up. If you previosly killed the lightbulbs, there are still two Mr. Magics remaining. Be careful and avoid their spells. Now, when you have the Trashcan, absorb all 3 Bots needed and then jump over the planet Earth. Instant down bonus will fall off. Take it and it will bring you to the bottom of the stage. Kill the pig, if it already re-appeared and unload the Bots to the elevator. Thats all. If you had no time to absorb all the Bots needed, you now have it enough and the hamburger will help you to complete the stage, when you will need to go up again.

Chain uses different way, he calls it Turbo way. At first, punch the pig on spacehopper to the electric field. Than inflate and explode. This will kill both lightbulbs and both shockapillars. Then jump up to the platform, where duck-in-a-box is and jump up right from its right edge. Use the trampoline and make a hight jump right. There is a Bubble gum. Don't collect it yet, you will need it later. Jump one platform up - you are now on the soft ground - and explode again. This will kill all the enemies in the upper part of the stage. Now proceed up and collect the left Bot. Then make you way down by fast stretching, refresh your pliability with the hamburger and release the Bot. This all can be done in less than 25 secs! Your way for the rest of the Bots should be similar, you can use the Bubble gum there for keeping your pliability during the explosions. The "disadvantage" of this Turbo way is that it is so fast, that you cannot use the Trashcan even the Instant down bonuses, because they have not enough time even to appear!
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