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Techno fear: Stage 3 - 3

This stage is quick and you don't need a lot of special tricks here. As you appear on the screen, use inflate-explode ability and kill both pigs, a lightbulb and both shockapillars by this way. Jump up to the moving platform and to the green poster of the face on the wall. There is the instant-up bonus hidden in it. Collect it and it will bring you to the top of the stage. Absorb the Bot there and also collect the false teeth. Now go down (you can refresh your pliability, lost by the explosion, using the carrot food bonus - it repeats to fall from the galaxy). Continue down - don't let yourself disturbed by the gut buckets, they are not important in this stage. Punch Mr. Magic and then duck-in-a-box bellow. Other nasties are easy to avoid, so go down to the elevator and release the first Bot. Now go up to the poster on the wall again and absorb the shockapillar here, you will need it. Go up, avoid the electrobeam and continue to the platform, where Mr. Magic (the right one) is. Punch him and become the shockapillar just in front of the column. This should kill the lightbulbs on the wide platform above. Now collect the second Bot and return to the bottom of the stage. The two pigs are back there, but you have the false teeth, so eat them. Now do the same journey up and down for the 3rd bot. You can use shockapillar to kill the lightbulb jumping over the electrobeam as well, but remember that it is immune when it is in the active beam. Before you release 3rd bot, eat the pigs again (if they re-appeared), you should have 2 eatings yet. If you have enough time and pliability, you can also use the white bunny that appears near the left Mr. Magic and fight the Gut buckets, but is is the waste of time. There is a hidden time bonus in the poster of Space Kid, too.

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