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Techno fear: Stage 3 - 1

In this stage your task is to bring 3 Bots to the reception, which is at the bottom. This stage represents the basement of the Tower on the planet Zid. In following stages you will always bring Bots to the elevator of apropriate floors. So - first you must avoid the pigs on a space hoppers. Become a puddle, let them pass you and as they are far enough, wake up and go to the first platform, where is the space gun. It is not very dangerous and you can stay there together with it. Mr. Magic is annoying, so squash or punch him. Beware the Duck in a box - let him run over you as you are a puddle, or punch him as he will approach you. Then you will meet the horrible creature - the Gut Bucket. Gut buckets are disgusting enemies, who like eating innocent white rabbits. This one is better to avoid, although there is a helpful item - the Uncle Ted. It is in the Saturn planet near the gut bucket platform. Don't collect it yet. Instead of this, jump right and absorb the Shockapillar. Mould into it just where you absorbed it and it will PERMANENTLY destroy the Lightbulbs above you. On the same platform, you can kill the second Gut bucket - absorb the white bunny, mould into it and let the Gut bucket swallow you. It will temporarily kill him. Now absorb another Shockapillar, jump one platform higher and kill the rest of the Lightbulbs using the moulding. Note: there is the joystick - don't touch it while the Space invanders are on the screen! Now where the platforms are clear, go up and through the electric beam. The easiest way how to do it is to become a puddle on the lift. In the Dweezil's portrait there is the Invincibility bonus. Now take a Bot and go down to the reception. On your way for the 2nd Bot it is the best time to use Uncle Ted bonus - it will help you to do you task quickier. And for the 3rd attempt, use the Dweezil's power item.

Two notes:
1) take those Bots that are leaping around the electric beam. There is no reason to go to the top left platform.
2) The left Gut Bucket is also destroyable, but is better to avoid him, because if you want to kill him, you must mould into the rabbit in the centre of the platform, where Gut Bucket bounces. If you do it on its edge, Gut bucket will ignore you.

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