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Level 6

Stages of the 6th level

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Dweezil's Flying saucer. Will follow you around and drop mini saucers on your head. To destroy him you must become a Black hole and then absorb thereby sending to the fourth dimension.

Flying gits. Are annoying old men with jetpacks, try and punch them out of the air (200 pts).

Buzzsaw. Must be avoided at all costs.

Black hole. Hunts Bots and absorbs them. Try to absorb it first.

Self motivated tomato. Simply tries to avoid you. After jumping on his hands and knocking him off the platform you can eat him.

Fatty Amal. Produces bath time bubbles that must be avoided.

Frankenstein's monster. Catches Bots and shakes them to death. Keep the Bots away from him by giving them cups of tea.

The living fire. Slowly moves over the platform and must be avoided.

Mouse. Mice are slow, can't be beaten, but you can squish them (50 pts).

Space Kid. His another appearance in the game. Punch him out of the air (200pts and another 1000 pts after completing of the stage).


The Twilight zone is full of deadly traps, be exctra carefull and mind your steps!

Rocket motors. Are highly dangerous and must be avoided.

Atomic device. Is a lethal contraption, do not touch.

Soft ground. Platforms made of this material reduces the speed of putty's movement as well as his ability to jump.

Electric ground. The same as in previous levels. Hurts putties. Avoid it.

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