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Twilight zone: Stage 6 - 3

This needs to be quick enough and skilled to avoid missiles. You will use only the left half of the screen, though. At first, wait on the platform where you appeared and absorb one Bot. The blackhole will come as it is hungry for Bots. Absorb it too and go few platforms up. You will meet the Dweezil's saucer. Become a blue hole and destroy him. Continue up, punch the flying git, especially be careful to avoid the buzzsaw and jump to the moving platform. Space Kid, who guards here, is impossible to beat, so avoid (become a puddle). As you can see, you finally reached the planed Zid - the tower is tall enough to reach the roofs of Dazzledaze's castle. Unload the Bot there and fall down to the center of the screen - this will quickly move you to the Bots. Absorb one and jump up in front of the orange arrow. The Dweezil's power shield bonus will appear, it is very helpful here and it allows you to carry one Bot to the castle without any danger. Do it and return to the Bots again. The Black hole will probably settle there while it eaten all the Bots there. If it happened, don't worry. Absorb the hole and wait until the Bots start to re-appear. If enough time passed it is possible that you can find the Dweezil's power recharged at the same place, so use it. If it is not there, normally take the last Bot to the castle. There is the 10.000 points bonus hidden next to the castle entrance as well. That's all, the game is complete and you can enjoy the beautiful outro animation.
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