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Twilight zone: Stage 6 - 2

This stage is very weird - you are (probably) at the Dweezil's home. There are his painting (he is very egocentric) as well as paintings of his boss (he is bum-sucker). You can notice the strange visitor in entrance door, the Fatty Amal in the bathtube and the Santa, who didn't make it in the fireplace. There are two possible ways to go up and I recommend to combine them.

Jump up to the cupboard and continue up. This needs you to be precise with the joystick, because it needs some ladder-jumps. Be quick to prevent annoying Dweezil firing small saucers at you (he doesn't fire while he is moving). There should be the Black hole near the Frankenstein's monster, so take it and use it against the Dweezil. Beware the dangerous buzzsaw! Now go up and left to the other monster, grab one Bot and return down using the same way you came, or - which is faster - stretch down and fall next to the Amal in the bathtube.

Go right over the furniture, squish the mice and punch the flying git. Avoid the living fire and don't waste your time with self-motivated tomatoes, they are harmless (you can use them to refill your energy, though). Jump up using the paintings on the wall. When you are just under the last painting, where the upper living fire is moving, use inflate/explode to kill it, because it is nearly impossible to avoid. Then go left over the gap and left to the Frankenstein's monster. Grab the Bot. When you carry the Bot and you meet the Black hole, take it, Dweezil's saucer can be back soon!

The rest of the stage is easy, you now have two comfortable ways. There are no known bonuses at this stage.
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