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Twilight zone: Stage 6 - 1

This stage is very dangerous, so be extra careful! Beware of the nuclear devices because even the contact with them is deadly. And the hot rocket flames are dangerous as well. The first thing you should do is to get rid the annoying Dweezil in the flying saucer. Go right just to the rocket (to the first small blue platform) and jump up. There is the instant up bonus. Collect it and it will carry you to the top of the level. Now read carefully. Go to the right edge of the platform where you appeared and stretch one platform down. Don't move here, but become a puddle and absorb the Bot. Just from this position stretch two platforms down to the red-white stripped one and become a puddle again just in the middle of this platform. Wait until the black hole comes and it will be automatically absorbed. Now mould into it where you are, this will attract and absorb the Dweezil. Now go right and fall down from the platform, it will get you to the starting position and unload the Bot here. Now go to the right border and then climb up the tower, you must dodge the rocket flames. Use stretch instead of jump. When you are in the top right corner, you must jump over the moving platforms to the place where the Bots appear. Absorb one and fall down - note the rocket here in not operational, so it is safe. Unload the second Bot and use the same way for the third one. If you have minimum of energy, use the instant down bonus, which is placed left to the position, where Bots appear.
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