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Level 4

Stages of the 4th level

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Holy man. Relaxes noxious burp bubbles which can affect you, he can also create force field around himself (warning - the field is lethal!). A well aimed punch can knock him off his platform (200 pts and another 2000 pts after the completing ot the stage, as this is the Oriental rooms boss).

Firework Imp. Take on the characteristics of this enemy to allow Putty to shoot missiles, the Imps can also be persuaded to shoot at each other. They can be squashed (50 pts), punched (200 pts) or absorbed (50 pts). They are probably the most dangerous enemies of 4th level, because they are tiny, fast, powerful and in big amount. Their rockets also destroy Bots!

Mutant Chinese chicken. Chicken itself isn't dangerous, but it lays eggs which hatch into Sumo wrestlers. Destroying the chicken can be done with a punch (200 pts) but is very difficult.

The egg. Eggs laid by the chicken contain Sumo wrestlers - break the eggs before they hatch. The eggs hatch after a short time and their flying shells hurt putties. Wrestlers themselves are mines and explode in contact with putty. They can be punched (200 pts), but they also explode on their own after few seconds after hatching.

Dynamite Dan. Carry sacks of dynamite around with them and take great delight in throwing them at you. Punch (200 pts), shoot (200 pts) or squash (50 pts)him if you can.

Chinese vampires. Fly about and drop Firework Imps. They can only be destroyed using the false teeth (200 pts and another 500 pts after the completing ot the stage).

Fatty kamikaze ninja. Although he is titled as the bonus guy of the 4th level, he is practically harmless. He only reduces Putty's pliability in touch but without any special ability. He can be punched (200pts and another 500pts after the stage is completed).

Catapult. They are stationary, operated by small Imps and they throw projectiles. They only can be destroyed by the explosion of Inflate.


In oriental rooms are some obstacles, of course, but are not so dangerous compared to previous levels.

Soft ground. Platforms made of this material reduces the speed of putty's movement as well as his ability to jump.

Spikes. These are not as dangerous as those in Putty moon. They don't kill putties, but still hurt them.

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