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Oriental rooms: Stage 4 - 1

The first stage of Oriental rooms is tricky and the only real thing you have to do is to get to the top. How is this possible? There is Pocket elevator bonus hidden in the right gong at the top platform. Get there and let it appear. Bots, that constantly appear on the left edge of the same platform will slowly bounce up to the pocket elevator and it will automatically complete the stage, after all 3 Bots are there. To let this happen, ensure yourself that there are no other Bots (or maximally one) elsewhere in the level, or the new ones won't appear. If there are any, absorb them or let them be killed by rocketeers. So this will complete the level without your care. It gives you a time to examine the rest of the level. OK, lets have a look what we have here...

There is the Uncle Ted bonus hidden near your starting position. Go right and jump up in front of the middle door. Then go to first platform with the tent and punch the Holy man (but ONLY if he has not his force field around him, which is deadly). This will knock him from the platform (you will get 1000pts after stage is completed) and this will also release Dweezil who is hidden in the tent. Knock him again until he is out and another Uncle Ted bonus together with a food bonus will fall out. In the bonsai just above the tent is the 5000pts bonus. In the small door at the platform just above the bonsai the time bonus is burried. And there are various places with food bonus items within this stage.

There is also one speciality in this level: it is very funny bug. If you will keep punching the Dweezil in the tent, the strange things start to happen! More than one Uncle Teds will appear at the same time, also more food bonuses in front of the tent! Collect them and look - there are strange symbols in your "magic" indicator! (But dont believe them, they are fake). If you absorb the Uncle Ted while the previous uncle is still playing, the new one will start to play his tune just after the previous stops - and he appears even in the air! Sometimes, when you absorb the firework imp, you can mould into him more times. The another effect of this is that there is a gap under the pocket elevator - you can fall through the ground there! And final one - sometimes the Bots Out indicator changes to the number 99! Also the time counter displays wrong time. Weird, weird, weird!

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