Oriental rooms: Stage 4 - 3

This level is very easy and fast. Jump to the left moving platform and then to the platform with bonsai. Ignore the ninjas, they are almost harmless. Beware the firework imp and break the eggs that are eventually laid. There is Uncle Ted bonus in the bonsai, so use it. If you lost some energy, you can refresh by eating the food bonus on the right platform, you will not need it later if you are good enough. Now progress up by the right side of the screen. Beware the Holy man in the middle of the level - his bubble force field can be deadly. Hit him carefully. There is the False teeth bonus in the tent behind the Holy man. You can pick it, but you won't need it in this level. Continue this platform to the left, there is the 5000pts bonus in the far left corner. Dodge or kill two firework imps above you and go up to the platform where the Bots are. Now you must kill the firework imp in the right, if there is any, otherwise he will continuously destroy the bots. After you killed him, go to the bonsai and jump - there is a Trashcan. Collect it and then grab 3 bots. Eat the carrot if you want and then use the Instant down bonus in the middle of the wide platform. Now you are in the elevator, carrying all the bots needed. Level complete.
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