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Oriental rooms: Stage 4 - 2

There starts to be very hot at your starting position, so don't spend much time there! Go immediatelly up and then left - there is a small platform with bonsai. Kill the firework imp there and collect time bonus hidden in the tree. Go right to the tent and there is the Uncle Ted bonus. Now use the lifts and go up. As you leave the moving platform, you are on the place where another bonsai grows. Squash or punch Dynamite Dan and eat the food bonus hidden in the bonsai. Jump left and proceed up using the trampoline. During this way you can kill all the enemies there, the Uncle Ted's tune should still remain. And now - there is the tunnel entrance, which covers the Pocket elevator. Release it and now it is very easy. You are in the upper part of the stage, the Bots are nearby and so it is clear. There are another two bonuses close to you: the Bubble gum is in the dragon sign and another Uncle Ted hides in the tent.
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