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Level 2

Stages of the 2nd level

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Baked beans. Nasty little things that explode on contact. Best to squash them (50 pts) or punch them (200 pts).

Scouse sausage. This boxing frankfurter is very dangerous and should be eaten using the false teeth. (50 pts and another 500pts after the finishing of the stage).

Gun powder monkey. Avoid his cannon balls and try to punch him (200 pts) to release a baby (50 pts for absorb)

Big yellow goblin. Manual says: "Is a real fake, he looks like a big guy, but is actually inflated. A good punch will knock the wind out of him. Squash him before he gets his wind back." But as we discovered, it is not the truth. Punching doesn't hurt him. He only can be vanquished by the false teeth (50 pts for absorb and another 500 pts after the completing of the stage).

Flying Hag is indestructable and you must avoid her missiles.

Spinning fried egg is a mine, avoid it.

Small red goblins. Can be squashed (50 pts) or punched (200 pts) to release a baby (50 pts for absorb), but beware of their sharp forks.

Snot goblin. This is the boss of the 2nd level. Avoid his missiles and destroy him with the false teeth. (200 pts for absorb and another 1000 pts after the stage is finished).

Dazzledaze. He only appears in two stages in the Villas and then you will meet him in the outro. He appears by the side of the level and fires spinning fireballs at you. Manual says "Get away from him as fast as possible", but he is not much serious opponent.

Spitting image. This annoying village dweller watch out his window and spits cherrystones. Can't be destroyed and you must avoid his missiles.


Dazzledales Villas are relatively safe places, even there are obstacles, though. Look at these:

Spikes. These are not as dangerous as those in Putty moon. They don't kill putties, but still hurt them.

Stuck platforms. Normally moving platforms stop their movement as you step on them. To let them move again you must leave them or at least jump up to release pressure.

Ballast. 16 Tons ballast hangs from the ceiling in the 2nd level of Villas and is deadly to Putties. Don't walk beneath it! You can stretch yourself to pass beneath. If the ballast falls and doesn't hurt you, you can then punch it for 200 pts.

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