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Dazzledaze Villas: Stage 2 - 3

This stage is probably the easiest one in Dazzledaze's Villas. There aren't any spikes even any skiddy surfaces. To avoid annoying baddies on start, you can immediatelly stretch up to upper platform, if you don't want to face them directly. Then grab the first Bot and proceed up. Avoid all enemies, especially on the level where the Big Yellow goblin is walking - as soon as you reach this platform, Dazzledaze will appear on the left side and will try to shoot you. Note - the moving platforms will STUCK as you get on them, so be carefull. If you pass this passage there is not a real need to return back to the bottom half of the stage. Before you release the Bot to the saucer, go right on the top platform and collect the false teeth. Beware the flying Hag and spitting image. Now go to the saucer, absorb Snot goblin, absorb Scouse sausage and unload the bot. Now return right and fall down to the platform with two windows and two big black doors. There is 5000pts bonus in the right window. Take the Bot here and return him to the saucer. Now it is up to you - it is not needed to go to the bottom of the level more, you can wait until the upper Bot appear again, but if you have enough time and want more bonus points, you can use the false teeth to eat more Scouse sausages and Snot goblins over the level. The false teeth will appear repeatly in the upper right corner of the stage. Watch the nearest spitting image window - there is another 5000pts bonus and you can get that more times during this stage. There is also the Bubble gum bonus in the palm in the bottom right corner. And two food bonuses - both at the Dazzledale's platform (on in the palm and one in the Dweezil's portrait).
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