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Dazzledaze Villas: Stage 2 - 2

This is the three pyradims level and you should be very careful, because is full of shooting enemies, especially cannon monkeys. At first, beat the red goblin in the corridor and collect the Bot near you. Pass the spikes, eat the food (just for points, you won't return here) and climb the ladder. Jump right and jab the first cannon monkey. It holds a 5000pts bonus. Continue up by the right side of the big pyramid. Now be careful and try to avoid the 2nd cannon monkey balls as he tries to shoot you from the platform on right. Jump there and kill him. Note tha Dazzledaze will appear as soon as you are in the big pyramid's top level, so avoid his missiles. It is possible that you will loose the Bot due the enemies fire at this point, but don't worry if this happen. There is 10.000pts bonus in the palm an the cannon monkey's platform. Return back to the big pyramid's top. If you lost your Bot before, collect this one, then jump up the moving platform. If you accidentally skid to the left side of the big pyramid, try to jump back top immediatelly and don't let yourself skid to the left screen's border, as you could be stuck there! From the moving platform jump up left to the side of the small middle pyramid to avoid the 3rd cannon monkey's bullets. This is the difficult part: you have to avoid 4 enemies in one moment - Scouse sausage, cannon monkey, flying hag and Snot goblin's missiles. Kill the monkey and if your Bot's energy is low, you could release him here or on the platform above. Go back to the palm and there is the false teeth hidden. You will need it. Eat the Scouse sausage, eat the Snot goblin and BEWARE the ballast hanging from the ceiling in the top pyramid! Don' t try to walk beneath it, it falls down and kill you. You can safely stretch instead. Eat the food bonus, as you surely need it, go to the saucer and eat second Scouse sausage. Return for the Bot and carry it to the saucer. There is another Bot bear the ballast, so you can bring him as well. If the accidentally ballast fell down, you can punch it off the platform.
The last Bot is in the small pyramid, so fall down to it and recover him. You can return back to the saucer (easier way), or fall down - there is another false teeth next to the palm. Note that Dazzledaze is unbeatable here and this way is more difficult, but you can eat additional bosses to reveal more points.
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