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Dazzledaze Villas: Stage 2 - 1

You begin at the bottom of the level in the small pyramid. The flying saucer is top lef. First thing you should do is to jump up to the palm - the Dweezil's power will fall off and it will give you the invincibility. Now collect the closest Bot and proceed to the left and up. Don't get disturbed by the enemies and obstacles like stuck platforms and bring your carried Bot to the saucer, until you have the shield. Now choose the way to the right. There is the 5000pts bonus in the upper palm and 10.000pts in your sight. Collect them both. Then continue right down, squash or punch both red fork goblins and do not touch the rotating fried egg, as it is the mine. Climb down the ladder, squash the bean and collect the false teeth. Now fall down.
Jab the cannon monkey and collect the bot. Go left (you can collect the food bonus near your starting position, if you need) and eat the Scouse sausage with the false teeth. Proceed up, eat the Yellow goblin and eat the Snot goblin on the ladder as well. In the upper pyramid, just above the snot goblin, the food bonus keeps to appear, you can refresh your pliability there, but remember that squashed beans, that guard this bonus, appear return quickly. If you want to avoid the Flying Hag's missiles, the safe place is the horizontally moving platform. Don't forget to search the black tunnel. just bellow the flying saucer, the food bonus is hidden there. The last Bot is easy to pick-up, go down the central ladder and simply collect it. Before you releae the last Bot, search the tunnel again, it should contain another bonus.
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