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Level 5

Stages of the 5th level

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Clockwork orange. Is very nasty and shoots pips on you. Become an orange to defeat him. (Can be absorbed for 200 pts).

Teddy Bear. Achtung! Does not like noise around him and will charge at you if disturbed. Will explode in contact with Putty.

Bugsy. Will try to shoot you on sight. Try eating him with the false teeth if you can. (200 pts for absorb and another 1000 pts after the stage is finished)

Frog in a Taxi. Is a road maniac and will always try to run over you, squash (50 pts) if you are able to.

Toy soldier. Fires bullets which you must avoid. Try shooting pips on him when you are an orange. Can be also eaten using the false teeth (200 pts and another 500 pts after the completing ot the stage).

Snowball Gnomes. Avoid their lethal snowballs and then try to squash them (50 pts).

Train Spotters. Are horrible little creatures that lean out of the train carriage windows and drop toy trains in your path. The trains that are pulling the carriages will explode on contact with you.

Loco. Rolls over you and is mostly deadly. Is unbeatable, so avoid.


Only few obstacles in Toy Town.

Soft ground. Platforms made of this material reduces the speed of putty's movement as well as his ability to jump.

Electric ground. The same as in previous levels. Hurts putties. Avoid it.

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