Toy town: Stage 5 - 3

Another difficult stage, without only few special bonuses, and it also contains one annoying bug. Climb the ladders up, BEWARE the Locos (they will almost always kill you), pass the System 3 cargo cars and jump or stretch to the upper personnel waggon. Then go right and up. Climb the inclined platform and collect the false teeth and use it against the Bugsy. Do not use it against any other boss or bonus guy except this exact Bugsy, it is the only false teeth in the stage and you would miss it. Collect the bot (beware the Loco again) and carefully bring him to the elevator. There is a Time bonus next to the lower Bugsy and also some food bonuses appear frequently in front of cargo cars, so use it if you need.

Warning: do not use the top right ladder, close to the door. It is a trap, you will get stuck in the wall. The only way out is to stretch down, but all those trains will cost you a lot of energy for sure.
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