Toy town: Stage 5 - 1

Not much advices for this level, this is one of the difficult ones and contains a lot of really annoying foes. Just at the beginning you are located in the right down corner. Shortly after you left the elevator, toy soldier appears here. Go up and try to absorb the clockwork orange. There is also a food bonus just over him. Now stretch over the gap (this will cost you some energy at the electric ground), beware the Teddy bear and continue up. Attention - there is a Bugsy on the right and he will shoot at you immediatelly as you reach the top of the inclined platform. You must avoid his bullets. Jump up and try to squash the frog in a taxi and also the Teddy bear, if you can't avoid him. If you ate the clockwork orange before, you should have some magic to become a blue clokcwork orange, so use it now. It is the only reason how to kill enemy oranges. Then go to the Bugsy - there is a False teeth bonus in front of the fire place. Absorb it and eat Bugsy. There is also 5000pts bonus just in the fireplace. (Note: the hamburger will appear after some time at the place where the false teeth previously was. But this is a fake - the hamburger IS the false teeth, it only pretends to be a food bonus. You can use it if you are in trouble with Bugsys and Toy soldiers, it appear frequently at the same place!) Now continue up to the upper platform with Bots. There is a pile of cannonballs. If you jump over it, the Trashcan will appear. If you still have a false teeth, deal with all toy soldiers here first, then collect as many bots as appear. Now you have to get back to the elevator. I recommend to use the samy way - quick stretch down, avoid the enemies, go for the false teeth (now a hamburger). Especially kill the clockwork orange at the platform with fireplace and Bugsy which re-appeared. Go down, beware the Teddy bear (you can wait until he wakes up and explode and then pass) and then jump down to the pit between two electric ground squares. This will bring you to the elevator with all the bots collected. If there is a toy soldier, use a false teeth - he will not re-appear here. If you carried enough bots, the level is completed, otherwise you have to go for another one up.
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