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Putty Moon: Stage 1 - 3

This stage is a little different, because you begin in the middle of its height. The first thing you should do is to fall a platform down to squash the snail and immediatelly punch the Custard man. There is the Bot as well, so collect him and continue up. Carry him to the saucer (watch for the Biggles and the Space Kid) in the top right corner and now continue DOWN. In the middle, there is a jumping platform with the mixed-up green chicken bellow. Under the chicken, there is the green door. It contains the food bonus. From this door, jump right to the smaller platform and then fall right to the tiny one. Staying on this little square, stretch down - a 10000 pts bonus will fall off. Now pull your joystick right and fall just to the bottom of the stage. There you must immediatelly kill the Terminator carrot, that probably got here from the top of the stage, or become a puddle, as he will shoot at you and finally fall off the screen. Here, at the bottom of the stage, you can collect previously released 10000 pts. Above the mushrooms there is the time bonus hidden, so collect it, take the Bot and continue up by the left border. You will see the new food bonus now, so refill your energy and carry the Bot to the saucer. It is easier to use the jumping platforms in the middle instead of moving platform at the top (at least due the danger that the Terminator carrot, you destroyed at the bottom, is back at his original position and guarding the saucer). On the platform under the saucer you will eventually find another food bonus. Now it is easy - go to the left border, take the first Bot you find and finish the level.

Note: it is a good idea to punch the Space Kid as many times as possible, because every boss killed brings 2000 pts to you and Space Kid is an easy boss.
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