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Putty Moon: Stage 1 - 2

Getting harder. Your first meeting with Terminator carrots. They are really dangerous, beware to stay in front of their UZIs! They appear in two places in the lower part of this stage, but their placing may change due their falling from their original positions. And also there is the Space Kid, who will try to hit you with his stick. He is not much dangerous, but you have to be careful The time bonus in this level is hidden in the leaves on the long platform above the spikes. One platform upper there is the food bonus behind the mushrooms. This one repeats to appear when collected. I think there are no other bonuses in this stage. The green slime drop is annoying. It can be punched, but it will return very soon and dodging it (and the Green kamikaze chicklets above) is difficult, so it is the waste of time to go the right way. Maybe it is better to use the left way (over the snail), it is easier. Biggles the Wasp crosses this stage, too. You should be alert.
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