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Putty Moon: Stage 1 - 1

The first real action. In this stage our hero has to carry 2 Bots to the safety. Still, it is easy enough. Few recommendations: the spider in the left can be simply absorbed, but better is to punch him first as he releases a baby. Much more interesting are those putty portraits in the wall. Both contain bonus items. The first one has a time bonus 30 secs, the second one will give you 5000 pts. There are also two locations, where the food bonuses appear. First is on the platform where the spider is hung, the second is in the middle of the stage just right to the spikes and the third one is on the platform near the Bots' saucer. There is also 10.000 pts, it is hidden in the mixed up green chicken's nest in the upper left part of the stage. Beware the Biggles the wasp crossing the sky above the nest, as he is dangerous! And also avoid the barrels rolling over the stage, their movement is predictable, but are really annoying.
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