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Gym: Stage 0 - 0

This stage doesn't belong to Putty Moon level. It is the training stage, called "Gym". It is the first stage you will meet in the game and it is dedicated to practise controls of the main character. There are signs everywhere on the walls to advice you what to do in exact places. Although this stage is training, it is suitable for collecting a lot of points. You have a lot of time to punch enemies and grab released children, while there is only one Bot to be carried to the safety. Remember that you will get an extra life for every 50.000 points so don't waste your chance to earn as much thousands as you can here. This level is for beginners, so if you are bored and want to proceed to the real game immediatelly, this level can be skipped. Just go to the door at the bottom of the level instead of climbing platforms to skip it.
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